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August 21, 1980     Oakes Times
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August 21, 1980

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Page Two The Oakes Times-Oakes, North Dakota Cost Ratio by Judi H0rnseth Extension Home Economist SCHEDULE: port Says The financial picture for production as a result of Bismarck, ot UleWPRS Plan- North Dakota's Garrison Div- Garrison Diversion irrigation ning Division. This was the August 25 - LaMoure County Extension Office August 26 - Ransom County Extension Office August 27 - Dickey Count) Extension Office August 28 - Sargent Count~. Extension Office ersion Project continues on would have on the remainder ratio on which authorization the bright side, with total of the economy. The direct for the project was based. benefits now figured to exceed benefit-cost ratio, figuring Silvernagle noted, that in i~ costs at a ratio of 2.4 to 1. payments to farmers alone, some years, the ratio for total The figures, as reported to presefitly is figured at 1.41 to 1 ' benefits had ranged as high as a covered pan for 15 to 2C for safe home canning, the Garrison Diversion Cons- by the Water and Power '3.5 to 1 in past years when minutes before serving. It is importanfto note that errancy District here, are Resources Planning Divis- farm prices were higher. There is a very little risk ot only 3 cases of botulism compiled by economists in the ion. "The cost-benefit figures in botulism in canning high-acid poisioning linked to home Planning Division of the U.S. This compares with a ratio 1965 clearly showed Congress foods. Just make sure that canned foods were reported to Water and Power Resources of 1.37 to 1 when the project that Garrision was going to be Atlanta's Center for Disease Service, the federal agency was authorized in 1965. cost effective and, even with fruits and tomatoes used for Control in 1979. And all of which is building the project The benefit-cost ratio of the fluctuations in farm prices canning are firm and ripe- but these cases could have been for the state of North Dakota. Garrison Diversion project and other factors, the project never over-ripe. Tomatoes prevented if recommended "This means that for every continues to be one of the best continues to present a favor- August 29-Sept. 1 - Sargent that are over-ripe, for instan- home canning procedures had dollar spent on building Gar- among all western water County Fair CORRECT PROCESSING IS KEY TO HOME CANNING SAFETY With fresh fruits and veget- ables coming into season, now is the time for a refresher on home canning safety. Fresh able economic figure," Enge- ce, may be too low in acidit) been followed, risen, we get $2.40 in return - resources development pro- lhorn observed. an excellent investment by jects operated by the Water While the major benefits any standard," commented and Power Resources Service. ascribed to the project are Hmer M. Engelhorn, Carting- The project's direct benefits those resulting from irrigated ton, Conservancy District are based on the profit made crops, others include munici- manager by the farmer in the product- pal and industrial water, fish The figures are compiled ion and sale of his products and wildlife, recreation, flood Thursday, August21 y, Aug Entered class matter office in Dakota 198o of Sch~ 1879. Publishedfol 411 Main Ave, the N N.D. ingwaite, official postage, paid, 4 following N.Dak. 58474. fo~ Address scriptions, address form Oakes Times, North NORTH NEWSPAPER.ASSOCIATION MEMBER L Aesovlatlon - Founded 1885 USPS 401-080 THE OAKES TIMES J.E. BASSINGWAITE EDITOR--PUBLISHER Reduc, $7.00 Year $8,00 outside l~ and S. Dak. Gas exploders are one of morning or late evening. They annually for the President's Total benefits are compiled by control and drainage. produce can be safely canned many mechanical scaring de- should be shut off at night, annual budget message. The adding the increased farm Costs, figures over a 100 at home if foods are processed vices used in blackbird depre- Continuous firing will accust- next budget will go to Con- production income to the other year period of operations, Rep. LeRoy Erickson and ting committee. correctly for the specified dation control. These explod- om nearby blackbirds to the gress in January of 1981 to business sectors which share involve the total investmentf Rep. J.D. Crabtree participat- had one of their o.q,] length of time in the proper ers automatically detonate noise and usually aggrevate outline appropriations for fis- in the gain. This money flows involved, and the expense o ed in the 12 state Midwestern ors as chairman o[~_dtq[ type of canner Follow recipes propane or acetylene gas to neighbors. For best results, cal year 1982. to processors and wholesalers operating, maintaining and Conference Council of State ence, Rep. LeRoy K~e~al exactly and consult a reliable produce an extremely loudthe exploder should be set on a The newest benefit-to-cost of agricultural products, sup- repairing the system. Governments in Bismarck Ju- Wahpeton, who is ~ber home canning guide for the explosion. These devices ran- stand above the sunflower ratio, Water and Power Re- i~liers of professional and ly27-30, man of the N~.~om fami correct processing times he- ge from relatively Simpleheads and adjusted to fire sources economists point out, social services, retail outlets, Besides their primary ses- Legislative Council:~ at or b eded for each different food. mechanisms to deluxe models slowly, every 4-5 minutes, is based on a five-year aver- utilities and business in gen- sions and luncheon speakers, Bill Monroe,--xe~'nEx ! ~ are eli For safety's sake, only the with photoelectric regulators Firing rates and locations of age of farm prices, covering eral. discussions centered around 'ducer of Meet The l pric the period from 1973 to 1977. While valuable as a general _- . _. _" . topics such as: the featured spea'l? ~ " " following methods for proces- and programmable firing se- exploders should be changed ~an~lles j a e fa t ' - -s criterm sing home canned foods are quences Beginning early is every 2-3 days. One gas They emph size th c indicator of the continuing UI 'S $11Uelienl|r - Transportation deregulat- State dinner rues~l~r " ! recommended High-acid fo- the key to success when using exploder can protect 10-20 that recentprmemereasesfor economic status of reclamat-i One~n:A:.l N~n-.---r--i ion. Mrs. Crabtree~,~It,! !expens ods, which include most fruits, any scaring device to protect acres of sunflowers, some commodities, including ion projects, economists for - U S Devt of EducationLeRoy Erickson a,.m-~h me~ tomatoes andpickles, should sunflower fields. Exploders As with any mechanical I! '~.l~ii:p~!i~:~" I ~1~~ the current $5 per bushel price the Water and Power Resour- " - A" ricult' e-Federal Ac u- their husbands and ter cost g q c ent of be processed in a water bath should be in operational cond- scaring device, exploders wo- for wheat, are not reflected ces Service see the greatest isition of Land. hosting the le canner atthetemperatureofition to allow harassment~ rk best when used in conjunet- yet in the cost analysis, wheat, value ofthebenefit-costratio ~ ~ 1 - Legislative Oversightfamilies from thel~n~ation -~ot~][~ental or boiling water, 212 degrees F. when birds first enter a fieldl~ ion with other tools, such as during most of the period as a decision making tool. Closed Saturday's and [I - Taxation - recommendat- A trip to M eao,~" Only jellies can be preserv- This is the time of year when Avitrol, .22 rifle (with care) or under consideration, was av- "The benefit-cost ratio for Sunday. ions on property taxation pitchfork fondue an0][~ a cb - $I~ ~a~ualt 1 ed without processing, using growers should be purchasing exploding shot shells. Which- eragmg between $2.50 and Garrison Diversionmight well I Located 4 miles north i - Coal Gasffmahon - an era musical as tbeL~!y the open kettle method. Fruits new exploders and repairing ever scaring device is used, $3.00 per bushel, have been frozen at the 2.5 to 2 hlockswegt of Oakes. audiovisual presentation on interest in our state][q.Atelm'~Y - ~dlltlitional ( and tomatoes ladled boiling old ones. leaving standing stubble in The total benefit-cost ratio 1, for total benefits at wh,!eh it II - i Great Plains Gasification Pro- visiting legislators forms hot into sterilized jars and Exploders should be operat- nearby fields will provide an is figured on the basis of farm was authorized in 1965, ' ob- 1 .... ~t'~.k'~:,~ ..... i ject in western North Dakota ies as well as tours dl~es in stored on the shelf without ed only when the birds are in alternate feedingsiteforbirds prices plus the multiplying served Kenneth Silvernagle, " ........ ~' Ren LeRoy Erickson serv- Capital andState~,~vL- ..... ~ ~-" . . ~,o~ t~ ,- e ne ~u processing will not keep; the the field, usually this is early scared from sunflowers, aneet the increase m xarm edaschawmanofthenomma- other events for the~ ~ . I jars will only seal temporarily IIII -- - ~ e m I I I IIIII I IIII I II " the app quickly.andLow.acidsthe foodSfoods,WillincludingSpOil "= Oakes ! F: most vegetables, meats, fish ~'bility. and poultry require proces- : Submit t sing in a steam pressure An American S] [~ E) ,| i~ieyemf inc canner at 240 degrees F. to kill harmful bacteria. And rein- DreanQ_ requil ember that a steam pressure ~ificatio~ canner should be checked for becomes a 1 it' ~Lguardim accuracy each year This is a J t [ Provid free service provided by court- love story, t ases f, ty extension offices. ~ ~ eligibl Before using canned foods, always check them for signs i~.~famil~ , ~i~ti~g wit~ of spoilage - broken seals, seepage, mold, gassinesS, sp- urting liquid when the jar is opened, cloudiness and a disagreeable odor Even if there are not signs of spoilage, botulism spores may be pre- sent in low-acid foods that have been improperly proces- sed. So, as an extra precaut- ion, low-acid foods taken from shelf storage should be remo- ved from the jar and boiled in. Fd for 5 days Friday thru Tuesday 7:30 steer clear of trouble! ~: ~ i i !i~:~ i~ )~:'!i i' ~ ~i .... (Major Brand) Lesser quantities sightly higher per gal. NOW. ...Available in Oakes* Whenever you make person-to-person, collect, credit card, or calls billed to a third number, you can do it faster and easier by dialing: "0"+ the Area Code, if different from your own, + the out-of-town number. Now you can dial person-to-person. When the operator answers, simply say you are calling person-to-person and who you want to call. Now you can dial credit card calls. When the operator answers, simply say "Credit Card Call." and give your card number, Now you can dial collect calls. When the operator answers, simply give your name and say that you are calling collect. After the operator comes on the line briefly to determine what type of coil you are making, computer technology does rest.., routing your call to its destination, the proper rate, and timing the call - right to second. So when you need the operator's simply dial Zero Plus. It's faster and It's easier, but remember that regular operator-assisted rates apply Direct Dialing (One Plus) for calls is still your best long distance rate bargai particularly after 5 p.m. weekdays and all until 5 p.m. on Sundays. *Zero Plus Dialing is now available customers whose numbers start with 742.- Quantities less than 6 gaL- Containers must have caps PRICE GOOD THRU AUG. 30 ONE STOP FARM AND HOME ~"ENTER Store Hours: 7:30.6PM Phone 742.3335