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November 3, 2016     Oakes Times
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November 3, 2016

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,/ Section B - Times Leader, Thursday, November 3, 2016 II I I 111 [] 1 1 1 1 121 [] 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 40.1 1 'el 1 "21 1 +31 ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 ll 1 "l 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 [] J E/MBER 8, 20.16 7 +' -~- ~ GENERAL ELECTION, NOV I~ I STATEOFNORTHOAKOTA 'E" I OICKEYCOUNTY/ IF I Precinct 03 J' Judge of the Dlstdct Court ~ IUII::A~I/I::II::.C:' RAI IJ(")TIqttiated Statutory Measure No. 4 Southeast Judicial District ,,v,.., ..... Id r vz eforanew J - - hi N " , ...,-- -.. ,.-... ~pv This in'~ated measure woo R o 'd _ I JUOgas p o. 4. ...... -'~ l ~ n~Y + vetere~s' tobacco tax trust lurid in North Dakota I Vote for no more than ONE name Vole oy oarKening the OVal ( ~ ) next to Centu'rv Code Chaoter 37-1,1/to fund certain . . . --i - I I' the word YES or NO follov~ng thevete/arls' programs. This f~d,. among others. J i ~ James D Hovev explanation of each measur~ wWld be supported by ar ~crease m the excme II " +.~ ta~/on cigarettes from $0, 1(4 to S2.20 per t ........ kage of twenty cigar, tee, as well as an ~_ ~ __ in se in the exc~se taIon cigars to o Io - Constitutional Measure NO.' '~m.~ " " f m 28*/, I' (Senate Concurrent Resolut!onNo. 4010, ~wnolesale I~ rchase pdce at which 2015 Session Laws, un ouw Th I ~ the product~q~rches~d by distributors., e J Southeast Judicial District This constitutional measure would amend and excise taxon all~erllooaCco prooucts Is I Judneshin No =; reenact section 5 of Ad c e IV of the North increased a Commehdurate amount. The J v,',t* for no more re'hun C)NE name Dakota Constitution and prohibit an individual measure also would create an inventory tax on I -" " I from serv ng n the eg sl~ive assembly, unless cigarettes and tobacco j6rooucts. ~, revenues r r the individual lives in the o~str.i.ct from which he received by the tax co ~missioner unoer mis I ~ Daniel D Narum or she was selected ~ measure would be elk; cared among the Stale's J ~ general fund, the vetq ~ ans' tobacco trust fund, C:+> KIm Radermacher ~=T/~ YES - means you approve ~and the community I]would 3althandtrUStamendfund. The I/ i r -- - measure summarized above. ~ measure cre~l, provisions in rfn~ ~ Chapter 57-36, incldding new definitions for II ~--.-. ,----~NO - mean.%y.mLrP..~cl the measure i~hhalation dev ces liquid nicotine and tobacco i k._ _J "--. --' ' P J! ..... summa.rJze~above. ~ pros' prohibiti~l retailers from being I' . ............. /; ...... "~ dist~b-~.~ and re/~Jidng distributors to keep I duoge or me UlStrlc! uourl Constitutional easure NO. z ~ ,,~;,;~..,,;N~,.,vrl=l'~,=ttlnn ren-irement~ for I, Southeast Jud cle District (Senate C(ncurrent Resolution No. 4003,\, ='re ~'lstrauon'''' '? '%'"~:'/Z::':"ti~neq u mw ,==-"'"il"r"'~ ~,, anu"--" Judgeship NO 6 20 6 Session Laws, Ch 499) ---' "~ g i n of It md mco J Vote for no more than ONE name Th s constitutional measure would amend and ~Fi~ally the measure would repeal two I= ..... reenact selrJion 24 of Arlicle X of the North iprovisions of current law related to an excise tax l i c-Z> Jav Schmitz Dakota Cons'~l~ by depositing ten percent of Ion cigarettes and the exam.piton for taxes on II - " the revenue from oi~clion taxes in the cigarettes and tobacco pmoucts given to l i common schools trust fun~ ten percent of ) occupants of the State's veterans' home and the ~_..~ ............ the reven~oundation a~bilization/state hospital. I ........... fund. Except as otherwise provide~ . / I Judge of the District Courtprincipal of th~ aid stabSzatioi"H~d ~ YES - means you approve the I Southeast Judicial Districtmay be ex~Gov~r:ff~ "--J measure summarized above. I Jud"eshi" No 7 only to offset reductions n state aid to sc out l . u 'Y. ~..- ~;=,.;,.1= ~,,= m = revenue shodane The ~ NO - means you reject the measure h Vote tor no more man u~=:: name ......... "%'~" ,, - =-" ~ ,,-mmarized above I ..... measure amp w~ d~Lallow tne tegmlat0ve -..~o=, i assembly to ; tny ss princ pa ba ance of Ii o Troy LeFevre the foun~ffion~ m~cip~lo~ ,ndtate~ Statutory Measure No. 5 J, education-related ~u.rposes whene..~ This initiated measure would add a new chapter i lC-~-; ba ance exceeds ~nLoflhege~a~ to Title 19 of the North Dakota Century Code I .......... fund appropriation for sla.~e~ aid to school .c.Leatigg an Act which provides for the medical I ........... districts for the most racehl~y completed us~arijuana for defined medical conditions, I ......... :-= -nnm \ such as~'a~cer, AIDS hecatitis C, ALS uoun uommlsstoner P~t Lar e UlStnct z I, ~ . .. ,~ ~ ..... ~ glaucoma, and epilepsy. 'To participate in the vote ror no more than un~- name 1 vt f r t nnfl tm J ~v=e ................... +ho program, the Act wou d pm "de o "de f "ca" n l: CZ-~ " "_ ,.,, ~,,.='~,=,~,=m~=~=~'~'~v~' " ' cards and certificates of registration which I" .... ~ ................... would be issued by the Department of Health for I .--:"~Thor W Sand ~-~ m~Eoureject the measure patients, caregivers, and qualified facilities, if all I "~ ~" ...... summarized'alive, requirements are met. The Act would create J ~'~ provisions for monitoring, inventorying, I r----, Initiated Constitutional M~ura No. 3 ~ dispensing cultivating and growing marijuana to I _ + I n i n be regulated and enfomed by the Depadment of This initiated measure wou d add a sect o . . I to Adicle I of the Nodh Dakota(3-o~iO ! Health. A qualified patientcould be dtspens.ed I County Commissioner At Large District 4 which would provide certain rights to V~ctims"Ok~ up.t,~Lnra.e o...unces o~ usaotemanluan~ aria n ...*,. +,..... ,......,. a.,.,. ~m= n-"" "=--" :" "-=" "'" ;""~"":"" the doht to be n uumu g,uw .,m~lua,,,= ,, ,,,= v. ,,~. ,,v,,,~ ,~ l ~ ~~L...t~b~JJr~ from I '"~"+" ,,,v.,+ .,=,, .v./ ,,,,,,.~ .,v... ......... J ~ h~be or ected from t e ~ ..[eglstered facility. For violations, the Act would J ...... -~~v'ide'ior the authonze .the Department of Hoenalth to p~Vinde I o MarKe Roberts ~denJia!. mr .crr ec~ve acjmn, s uspens 'r ~' ..e ~ nCaal u , I ~~m t; o refuse or limit =pp .... ,!=,=,,,L~o, =,, ..... :,.=, .v ,.,, .,, I ~m/to nolice of. and proseouhon, ine Act WOmb requtre me f-+-'~" "1"~""' ~ ................ ' " I r rt J "~'-J Kacey W Hol(n ~nd'to-notice of Department of Health to submtl an annua epo I / -- ~(~:'-The ...... ~ to the legislature regarding program statistics. J ~ / ~~or the right to be heard I, in cou~ngs, t~[ovide information I about the impact of the oliver's conduct and v=o ................ +~,=. J " ti Distdct " " ' '~ "=~ " ........ ~"" "~'~' ........ = Supervisor, oil Conserve on to receive reports relevant to tl'm~e n his The ~: ..... r= , ~l'~V. I ames River meas~ provide for the fig'llLLo restHullon II Vote for m more than ONE name frC~at~sses suffered ~ result .----~-~ NO - means you reject the measure II k t, ~1~ conduct; to"t~MI3forrned of !h~. "---- summarized above. I ~ \ /" - outcome of the case and of~e detention or ..... JJ 0 Dale B~6trobel ~ other disposition of the offend;P~;.and to be II \ / informed fo, and ap dicipate in, pb.~t-judgmenl J" Director,O Gardson "D~r.= er~ ancy- ~rocesroc~esses.. YES-means you app~qv e the J Vote for no more than ONE name~ measure summarized alcove. J r..~_p Norman D Haak 0 ~_ns~ourejec~ the measure '1 I GENERAL ERECTION BALLOT "~/ J +~li GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT + NOVI;I~BER 8, 2016 / I NOVEMBER B, 2016 +~ m I STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA B ~ I DICKEY COUNTY . C m I Prec+nct0t .... "1 ~ I STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ;B II I D=EYCOUNTY c mm I P'~= J -~- ................................ ~tlate Senato-----~+ ----/L-nce +1 e~t nsurance Commissioner To vote Iorthe candldale o!your choice, you ..ta. i -" Vote forgo more than ONE name I BB [] JTo vote for the candidate of your cho,ce you State S or tl~t~ Inr nn m~r~= than/"tM n=mi must darken lhe oval ( ell ) next to the name /' UlStr ct :,,t~ / .......... ~/--=----:--- ....... -'--- - ........................... of that candidate. Vote for~.e than ONE na? (._L~R~th Buffalo I ] must darken the oval ( O ) next to the name Distdc~ 26 IB f of that candidate. Vote for no more.then ONE name "~ Jon Godfread To vote fora person whose name is not ......... ~- ~ " OetmcralJc'NPL P'+ I ITo vote lore person whose name is not , / / Republican.PaW . printed on the ba ot you must darken he ova .......... ~ I ..... I . ... I~ J pdnted on the ballot, you must darken the oval ~-~ _ .. ~ J ..... Z . : t 1 ', nay, In lh=, h;=nk llnr~ nrnvided and ~ Hubert S Erbele ~ C_P I~ICK laura ~,'ril--e l~a'i~p'e;son'"s na"m'e'o'n" t~e"blank line". Republican Party ~ "~ Lpe~,i~ n Party I1 I ( I )next tO the blank line provided and "-- ~~ason i-lanK amp.../ c.._~Hu_mu~.,_nal..o .. ~__ I I write that person's name on the blank line. Hepuoltcan e'any ~ / uemOC/m~c-N~u ~any Dustin David Payer ~,~on Godfread J~ J 0 Jim Dotzenrod ~ 0 NIc~Bata ......... Democralic-NPL Party ~"....~epubtican Party I J . Democratic-NPL Party "~ Libertarian Party __ PARTY BALLOT ..... ---::------ ......... - " ..... ,I. / PARTY BALLOT , . . President & Vice-Preaident of the State Representative i [] 21 [] J President & Vice-President of the State Representative Vo~telfioCrSeontmloCeCm~}!~ionsr United States ~ District 28 ........ , J J United States District 26 vote i more man uP+= name . Vote for no more than ONE name ~r no more than TWO namesi RobertVBohnskeSr I'm /" Vots for no more t~ ._ / ......... CD JerodEItonTufte . VOle for no more Irmn UNI: name ~.. Libertarlan Party C:_~ Robert N Marquette ~-.~Josh Gallion ;:> ~ I I I 0 E~imO~cG~mny Vo~for Stamt:r:~da~%NE name ~ Libertarian Party RE~b~n Puny ............. , , , , ~> James Germalic ~:_ .~ ~ Justice of the Supreme Court J I II I 0 Robe~'NM~ i O/ Josh Gallion Justice of.the, Supreme Court independent nora na ion - ........ ~~---- Unexpired 2-Year Term ' I i Libertarian Party ~ / Republlcan Patty unexplrso z-Year/arm Vote for no more than ONE name ..... u ..... State Treasurer ~ Vote for no more than ONE name I I Bn t O James Germallc ~ C_~ Roland Riemers L~"'.'.' ,v~,,o,, Vote for no more than ONE name independent nomination Libertarian Party , Hepun ................................................................ ideal nominalion ~ i + +,,o,o,~++~+~ ~~ ::::++ .,.+.+.+ I =.= I~ ++n ~]~ "+" + ,,.+re.+ Democratic-NPL Pany~~l ~+ > I/Kelly L Schmidt Lib~a~a+ Party ~ Mark Blumer J ~ J ~ Chase~n Eyes C~ ~ . ~ Lyle R Bopp - ~.~~.~.~~~ ~~x~~ - ..... fficial Ballot All ballots, other than those used I== I DIOffK~/~a/ll~t Y ~ / A~~ t .h ~n::;f~?s fl~; d : DICKEY COUNTY to vote ~sentee, must first be J m [ 2603-00 initialed by appropriate election n|f|:~l ' 2801-00 initialed/by appropriate election ..;.;.... bunted ,,,,u,=,;=, November 8, 2016 official/d in order to be c . I ~ / November 8, 2016 officials In order to be counted. ~ ........ - - =J -- I I c Typ 01 Seq 0003 Spl Ot I P,ec=,O, = , I : : : ~ L~ I Prednct 03 --Bm t tcm I Typ:O1Seq:OOOeSpL01 I I '- ' ~6~: '~'~ ~ sc - - ..... I + - + LJ Voting is a way to speak your mind and let your voice be heardt Your vote is your voice. When we Vote, we are actually telling elected officials and lawmakers how we feel about education, public safe- ty, social security, health care, and other important issues. One voice, one vote really does count! Remember: there is power in numbers, and when we vote and get our family members to vote, we can truly make a difference. If you don't vote for what you believe in, others will - and you may not like the outcome. Our children are depending on us to represent their voices too! Because our children can't vote, we have to do it for them. That's how we make our concerns about schools, safety, housing, and other issues heard. When we vote, we are looking out for our kids, and their futures. Voting changes communities! ul Do you ever wonder why one up for the right to vote. Well, those neighborhood gets passed over for times may seem ancient, but there things it needs, while another seems are still people today who don't to get it all? One big reason is vot- want us tO vote: It's now our turn ing. When we vote, we can get to stand up and vote to preserve the results that we can actually see. honor of those who went before us. Vote to effect change! Last but not least, because it It was through elections that we gives you credibility! voted in officials who were cham- Often times, we voice our con- pions for civil rights. Voting is our ceres to elected officials, but if we chance to make a difference in our aren't voting, our concerns may not own lives and within the world, matter at all to them. Voting can Believe it or not, voting is a way actually give you the credibility to of honoring our history! make your concerns a top priority As long as our country has exist- for legislators. ed, there have been people who (from didn't want us to vote. There were several freedom fighters that stood Notice is hereby given that the Dickey County Commissioners for the General Election on November 8, 2016 have designated the following precincts and voting places. Any individual with special needs, please notify Dickey County Auditor's office prior to coming to the polling place to assure that your needs will be given proper attention. The polling places will be open promptly at 8:00 am and dosed at 7:00 pm. Precinct Kentner Maple Porter District 26 #2 Vote at Fullerton City Hall Van Meter City of Fullerton District 26 Precinct #3 Vote at the Oakes Armory Ada Wright Bear Creek Yorktown Clement City of Ludden Divide City of Oakes Hudson James River Valley Kent Lovell Port Emma Riverdale District 28 Precinct #1 Vote at Senior Citizen Center, Ellendale Townships Albertha Albion Elden Ellendale Elm German Grand Valley Hamburg Keystone Lorraine Northwest Potsdam Spring Valley Valley Whitestone Young City of Ellendale City of Forbes City of Monango