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November 27, 2003     Oakes Times
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November 27, 2003

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e That Hit the Spot I have a cigarette lighter was a recent garage sale the of a Coke bottle Coke color. the bottle is remov- the lighter inside refillable. Would you have as to its value? Also, can me if the mini crates of Coke bottles made of (one of which I have inca- about l-inch wide by 1 1/2- long) were sold separately came with the Coco-Cola Debbie San Gabriel, OK uch a bottle-shaped Coke dates from the 1950s, is and has a value of complete, Without the sometimes called a "pill to the latest llth of "Patratti's Coco-Cola Price Guide - The Of Coca-Cola by Allan Petretti LCovers hard-to-find informs- countless items produced 1880s through the 1960s, in a huge 687-page hard- edition with more than 6,000 white and color photos, postpaid from Krause 700 E. State St., Iola, Phone l-(800)- toll free to order. Some trucks came with cases of plastic bottles were not sold separately. such mini cases of bet- went astray, would be of to collectors to replace that may be missing. The uf a Coca Cola item depends desirability, and condi- to the November issue of the Antique big bucks paid for Coca- on Oct. 19, 2003 at a Publications sale, includ- Coca Cola sample cooler brought $10,450, an 1896 calendar $7,150, a topless woman Vienna Art plate $1,610, a 1907 Coca-Cola pretty lady calendar $11,000, a 1908 Coca-Cola pocket mirror $I,137, a circa 1901 Coca-Cola Welch schoolhouse clock $10,670, a circa 1926 Coca-Cola three-bot- tle display featuring a golfing cou- ple $4,658, and a rare Coca Cola chewing gum sign which stretched out at $3,410, but the star of the sale was a circa 1914 pair of small cardboard advertising diecuts of a Dutch boy and girl each holding a pack of Coco-Cola chewing gum, which brought a whopping, eye popping $40,370 by gum. For addi- tional information regarding this and future sales, phone 201.488. 4536, To subscribe to the A tique Trader America's :.'ekly Antiques & Collet ables Marketplace, send $35 for 52 issues (1 full year) which includes a free 2004 Antique Trader Calendar, from Antique Trader , Circulation Dept., 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990-0001. Or phone 800-258-0929 toll free to order. Or visit: Q. I have a toy rifle with the date 1884 carved into the stock which is wood, but the barrel, spring and trigger arc apparently manufac- tured, as is the bayonet. It was given to me several years ago by a distant relative who was born in 1880 in Ohio, and who gave it to mc shortly before his death in 1978. The rifle still works and can shoot a small projectile. How Can I possibly find out its value? No one rve contacted and sent photos to, seems to know. Stanley Stephenson, Atwood, IL A. It seems to me that the rifle might be a store model rather than a toy, To find out write gun rifle experts Richard Bingcr, Scott's Creek Armory, Inc. 2526 S. 475 W. Morgantown, IN 46160, and author Ned Schwing c/o Krause Publications, 700 E. State St., lola, WI 54990-0001. Enclose a photo and complete description of the rifle including its measurements, and a serf-addressed stamped enve- lope for a reply. Q. loved the article about the Old Stove and would love to hear more about it. I was born in New Kensington, Pa (coal mines) grew up in Hatboro, Pa, and used an old wood-burning stove until 1954. I now live in a 200 year old farm house for 24 years that needed everything from a new roof to indoor plumbing, etc. I spent a lot of time and money but thanks to my son, now have an old wood stove in my kitchen with an added counter and converted electric cook top in it. as well as its original water tank. and wall oven - I just love it and wouldn't part with it ever. My children, and three sisters live close by, and we all have a great time exchanging stories around the old stove. Margie Haldeman, Doylestown, PA A. A free copy of Jack Mabley's warm and wonderful stove column published in the Chicago Tribune in 1980, is being sent to you, and to anyone else who sends a long self- addressed stamped envelope marked Old Stove Column to Anita Gold, P.O. Box 597401, Chicago, IL 60659. Incidentally 1 heard about a 'haunted' old cast iron stove from a reader who claims it talked to her. Could be, cause 1 have an antique tin pierced footstove that hummed tunes at one time, and stopped when my hus- band kept telling it to shut up. I keep hoping that one day the 'spir- it' will return and start humming again - such as "'I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You" espe- cially for my husband. Readers who may live in a haunted house, or may have a haunted possession, are welcome to send me the details to be included in future columns. NOTICE OF SALE Civil No. 03-C-075 is hereby given that by virtue of foreclosure by the Court of the Dickey Judicial In and for the County of Dickey of North Dakota, and entered in the Office of the Clerk of October 30, 2003, in and ~l~ereln Provident Consumer Services, inc. was Plaintiff L. Wagle; Duane L. Wagle; person in possession were in favor of Plantiff end ~e Defendants for the sum of which judgment and eTmng other things, direct the '~e of the real property here- the amount with interest thereon costs and expenses of such So much thereof as the pro- Mtid sale will salisfy; and by 'a writ Issued to me out of the Clerk of said Court, I, Jim Sheriff of Dickey County, will sell the property in the Judgment to the high. at public auction at ok)or of the Courthousa It he In the County of State of North Dakota, on 16, 2003 at the hour of (CT), to satisfy the amount Interest thereon, and the sale, or so proceeda of such Usfy. The prooerty to be sad in the County of Dickey and Dakota,and dm,cdbed as of land located in the (SW1/4) of Section 12) in Township One Hundred (129) North, of Range (e4), West of the Fifth Meridian, Dickey County, Nort~ Dakota, described as follows: Commencing at the Northwest corner of the said Southwest Quarter (SW1/4): thence South a distance of 110 feet, as the true point of beginning' thence East a distance of 882 feet; thence south a distance of 250 feet; thence West a dis- tsnce of 882 feet; thence North a dis- tsnce of 250 feet, to the true point of beginning aka 8355 Hwy 11, Ellendale, ND 58436. Dated November 10, 2003. Jim Bohannon, ~eriff Dickey County, N. Dltkota MACKOFF KELLOGG LAW FIRM P.O, Box 1097 Dickinson, ND 58602-1097 Attorneys for Plantiff (Published: 11/20/03, 11/27/03, 12/4/03) ~74 Hwy. 1 * O=kes, NO SM74 1-800-4'17-3430 Reaching your financial goals take,, the right mix of lilt insurance, annutt ic,, and ilwestments* as you balatwc totla~ s riced', with Iomon:ow's dreant . 1.el M xtcnt \Vc )dnlcn arid M\\A Financial Scrviffs hcip you step h (ward with ctm[ident:e. Patrice Koerselman Fargo, ND 58104 701-282-6427 701-432-5984 a ~am,mat t~h' tm,mm,e.~hm. I o It c it i n g | i ~ t" ',, ,SI'{'II I iltg Ill t tit 1:~. P,~'w.r~tlhlt'rf|.WDl~bllt't|,Ol(" Petrie( Koer~lm,n Registered Representative. Securities offered through MWA Financial Ser- , vl~, Inc, a wholly owned ~mbstdiar~ of Modem Woodmen of America, 1701 lit Avenue, Rock Island, IL61201, 309.558-3100. Member: NASD, SIP(?. Section B -- The Times Leader, Thursday, November 27, 2003 II IIII II " by Dean Meyer tiello, You know, I get around a little. Not a lot, mind you, but a little. I've seen both oceans and Mexico and Canada. I've hauled horses several directions and hauled cattle across lhe country. I've been on the North Slope in Alaska and visited ANWR (that's the wildlife refuge they want to drill lot oil on). I've eaten tacos on the street in Mexico City and drank rum in Hawaii. I've sang with a band in Phoenix and led a riot in Kansas City. I've picketed with the blackjack dealers in Vegas and drove bus following a luau (that's when yell cook a pig in Itawaii). I guess mayhe I have been around more than a little, And I have never asked fiw directions. I guess maybe there are times I should have. Like when Shirley and I were in San Diego Ibr a cattle- men's convention, They had this bus tour you could go on. It cost like $50 tbr this tour. Now, for a country boy, that seemed a little steep. We had just left a banquet and Shirley was dressed to the tens. Long dress. Hair fixed, She cleans up pretty good. I had on a western suit, with a tie, and my Silver Belly Stetson. Oh, did I look nice. Well, everyone was going to go on this bus tour. 1 got to looking around and found you could ride "THE B US" for 50 cents. And it went all over San Diego. I mean this was mass transit at the finest. I grabbed Shirley, dug out a dollar and we got on "THE BUS" with the cleaning ladies from the hotel. Now, public transportation is a wonded'ul thing, if you know where you ate going. Which I didn't. But t'(, the next two hours, We saw all of S~ Diego. And everytime the bus stopped, we'd lose a couple of pret- ty good people, and pick up a couple of people that looked pretty shady. And we kept getting farther from where 1 wanted to be. ,-Darkness enveloped us and the sheet fights came on. Everyone was sta,mg at us, and 1 could see they were not impressed with my cowboy hat. Finally, I grabbed Shirley by the arm and jumped ship. 1 mean we ~ot off that bus with a sigh of rclicE As we hit the sidewalk and that bus drove away, I looked around. I tell you what, we had got off in lhe sleaziest area I had ever secn. There were gangs of guys all over and l'm not one to be prejudicial, but I can guarantee you, there was not a Norwegian in sight. And this was during the height of race riots and stuff. And here is this dumb ass in a cowboy hat, with a girl in a long dress, walking around the slums of San l)iego. I think Shirley would have outrun me, if I hadn't made a dive and caught the back of her dress and sh)wed her down. Well, pretty quick we are walkin~ down the street, And not having the slightest idea where we were going, People were whistling and hollering and laughing and pointing. A pretty good gang was starting to fl~lln that was tbllowing us down the street. I was walking real cool, like John Wayne. Which is hard to do when your pants are wet. Shirley was being rather critical of my choices of tours. Not very loud, mind you, but I guess you would classify it as con- structive criticism. Just when 1 was going to pull my fingernail clipper out and attack, a cab came screaming up to us and threw his door open. "Get in," he screamed! "What in the hell are you doing here?" Belore I could explain, he told us he was the last cab that would come down there that night. It was five to ten, and alter ten, cabs would not even come if called to that area. I think I tipped him with all the money I had. But, 1 did not ask directions. And dil'ections are pretty rela- tive, Will has some cows advertised 1'or sale. We had a call from a guy the other day from Minnesota. And 1 asked where he was from. Three and halt' hours from Eureka he replied, Now, I don't know if you've ever been to Eureka, but it is not some- place you generally use for a refer- ence point. You might say, three hours from Aberdeen or Fargo ot Bismarck or Dickinson or Mobridge. But this may be the only guy I know that lives three and a half hours from Eureka. Heck, I think I live there too! Later, Dean 1220 AM Oakes, ND DAKOTA COUNTRY RADIO Saturdays at 8:O5 am Call in for great deals ' 35LIZFAIS: 100 Gallons of Propane from Economy Oil LP Kelsen s Bakery Dog & Cat Food from Oakes Feed Store Certificates from Oakes Vet Service & Sheepishly Yours 701-742-2187 1-877-942-2187 , , ,t ,i , , , , ,,,,,,, ,, r,,,, ,, in and see the new frontier Snowthrow.ersl" N. Hwy. 281 Eller ND 701-349-5336 877-949-5336 JOHN DEERE Locally Owned & Here To Stay W. Hwy. 13 La ND 701-883-5271 877-893-5271 7 HR 26" .$899 9 HE 27" .$1079 10 HE 28" $1199 11 HP, 29" .......... .. .. . $1599 13 HP, 32" ............... $1999