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December 3, 1970
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THURSDAY, D 3, 1970 Cre00e by Georg McPhail M: and Mrs. C. V. Kennedy vis- ited .',trs. Julia Bopp at the Oakes Mar.or Thursday night, Marcia and Kay MePhail spent Thanskgiving vacation with their mother, Mrs. Euniee MePhail and rarely. Mrs. Euniee McPb, ait and famib, Mr. and Mrs J. H. Wilcox were Tving dinner and supper guests of Harvey Swansons, 3,L,'s. Carpi Eman, Jennifer and Gregory of Petaluma, Calif., came a week ago S were guests of Vincent Bruns unl2t Sunday and at. tended her  Jane's wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Brad Urtmch off St. LOu, Mismuri spe acrsday Stmdy at the Vineert Brtm home aaqd also attended her sister, Jane's wedding. Airman 1st Oass William Bruin of Nelim Air Force Base of Is V Nevada arrived  on Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving and attend his sister Jane's wedding. He 4.11 leave Friday to reAtmr to Nellis AFB. Ttmnksvmg day dinner guests of A:Taie Widmer's were Mr. and btrs. A-,ust Widmer, Hans Wid- mer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sorenson and Ron, Bob Carlson. Marie Gray was Saturday night e]ler of Eunice McPhails. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kennedy, Mrs Marie Gray, Mrs. Myrtle Sommer- attended Jale Brtms - David Melroe wedding at the l Lutheran Church. .Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kennedy spent Wednesy night and "I1mr- Iy a the Howard Gregor Imme at Finley. Mr. md Mrs.  Sdlmitz f, Pete and Earl SctlnRz were -aliving guess at tte Marvfia SQhmi h(ae. Mr. and Mrs. Mm'vin  and family were Sunday visitors at OrviUe  Imme at Fert Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Oldernem and family wee Sunday afternoon vtsitos at the Joe I)ethlefsen home. .Mrs. Gyda Vcuiek, Mr. and Mrs. i Lester Wendt and Ruth Ann, .42bert We::dt of Marion were Thanksgivkng !Day guests at the Bernie Veulek home Mr. and Mrs. Paul Geffre and ner maests at the Ron Christianson home. Eva Marie and John Geffre was TNtrflesgi4ng weekend ,ests of their parerds. Paul Geffres. Mr and Mrs Jobn Steffen and fan-ily o 70akes were dilmer and supper gusts Surda:, at the I2cyd family. Tim Harris, Mr. and Mrs. I4at,-.en home. Art Best were Thanksgiving Day Mr. ard Ms. Daane Gemar and gtmsts at the Terry Harris home.  famib'. M:. and Mrs. Kenneth Ge- Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Widmer at-m-r ad fami'y. Mr. and Mrs. R tended Jane Bruns and David Mel- i C. Gemar  Ron. Mr. and Mrs. roe wedding Saturday afternoon at i Jim Roneys and Kathy, Dale and the Immanuel Lutheran Church. . Grant Dick of FAliott and Mr. and Virginia Widmer was a Wednes- day afternoon caller at &ra Sch- mitz home.  my guests of Max BenzA's were Mr. and Mrs. Ken- neth Bergllmn and family of Roslym S. l)ak., Mr. and Mrs. Dale John- son of Bedr, Minn., Mrs MaNe Bexgman of CoesweU, Mr. and C,-s. John Romar and Nancy of Elk Ri- ve, inn., Mr. and Mrs. Boward Bes ,-md  of Oakes a Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sterner of Br'amp- ton. Mrs. DuWayne Dill was Wednes- day afternoon coffee guest at the Max  house. Mr. and Ma, s. Cecil Kenne' were Saturday evening caUers ai the Lester Harris home. Mr. and ,Mrs. Lester Harris were a week ago Sunday supper guests at Bill Harris home. iMrs. David Dick of Fargo were Thanksgiving Day guests at the Stanley Krchmvy tmme. Mr and Mrs. Lester Harris and Doug, Mr. ed Mrs. Bill Harris and family, Mr.  Mrs.  Re- and Tim. Mike were 2"naak- sgiving day guests at the Wayne Relvsky home. Mr. and ,Mrs. Lysle Coleman and [amily, Mr. and Mrs. Kem,,eth lrtl and , Mr. and Mrs. Glen  arid family, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grarnlow and fam- ily and Mrs. Bessie Iartl ure TNmksgiving Day guests at the Maurice Hammer home. i Mr. and Mrs. Gege Giltespie and son were Stmday supper guests at the Paul Geffre Nne. Mrs. .John Meehl was afternoon coffee i guest. I h-. and Mrs. Wilfred Anderson, Mr and Mrs ,rlin Harris and Bob Anderson of Ft were family were from Wednesday until Sunday guests of Mr. and Jack Harris of Blaine, Minn., Mrs. Ella Mali Mo had spent two weeks visiting their came home wila them on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Kupitz and boys spent the weekend at the Ron Owlet,. Mrs. Jennie Nng- quist weel beck wi them ater speadg two wees visit tea- tires. Mr. ad Mrs. Merle Kpitz and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis I- quist and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joim Kxipitz amtBru and Mrs. Jennie Engqu were Stmday din- Stmday  visitors at Paul Geffre home. Bob  was Friday visi- tar at the Paul Geffre home. f Mr. and Mrs. Larry Berget and[ girls, Denise Corin, Mel Brup, s were Thanksgiving weekend guests at the George W. Bruns home. Mrs. Bob FI,wm, Marry Brans, Dazline  o Wi were wedr, ead visitors at the George W. and V'u'xnt  Ixne. can for Jane Brims - David Mel- roe wedding Saturday aRerno. Omrlte Bruns spent Thanksgiv- ing vacati0a at her paren home, GeoR. Bruns. q ..... vww .... wvvvwvvvvwv wvwwvwvv vw w ........ vvv callers at the Araie W.r lmme. Mr.  Mrs. Paul Mark and 111 *,| A11 were Friday overnight guests f Arnie Widmers. [ Mrs.  Gray ente i t.he Crete Brid Cub at her me[ a w Md. ! . ad Mrs. Dan'e Lock aad I mJly, Mr. and Mrs. Om-es Mc- I Dame] and Lorraine spent Thanl i givin Day at the Gra home. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hempler of Oakes, Larry Hempler of (eree, Oklmama, Thorrm ttempler of Grand Forks were Thanksgiving supper gues4s at the Reinhold Hem- pler htmm. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dathe were Wednesday e'enirg visitors at the Lee &mneriami heme. Mr. andMrs. I-e  were vi dinner and mp- per guests t the Harry Dathe home. Mr. at Mrs. Lee Sommerlad attended  welng of Jane Bru and David Nelroe  the Immanuel an Mr. and Mrs. O, wtis MeClaskey and Shanda of Withia, Kamas were Saturd visitors at the Ken- aeth Meeht home. M,r. and ,Mrs. Curtis aad ,xla of W Kamas, Jeffrey Pranla 0 a'go. t, tndgrm and MI Clrlea I,ows- tar d BaR, Mlmt., Mrs. Bmma Me- o alxl Mr- and M-,'a Keamth Medl and family re aalmgiv- ia dianer and  gms of Allisoa . Iiarold Liadgrea and Mrs Charles Brewster of Bei, Montana w a weelk   gms a the Ken Med Imme. t,tnda d Le'ette t,k spet ',e weekeml at Grant  home. Mr. aml Mrs. Jolm Komar and Nancy from Elk River, Minn. were Stmd dilmer guests of Max Ben- zils', Mr. ami Mr Iloward Bester and family were alrno0 culle. Mr. and Mrs. Be'mrd Vculek Open During Special Christmas Shopping - COMPLETE SELECTION - SCOTCH PINE NORWAY PINE Evening Hours See Them Next/Week in Oakes at PHILLIPS 66 COMING The Wild and Wonderful ,ou DIANA SISTERS From The World's Top Show Places FEATURING Electric Guitars - Vocals Piano- Strolling Violins Banjo Singalongs - Plus Wild, Wild Comedy Songs December 7 thru 12 Afford An Accident? OON'T LET AN ACCIDENT PUT A DENT IN YOUR WALLET. SEE US FOR INSURANCE COVERING CAR DAMAGE AND PERSONAL INJURIES INSURE First National Agency OAK, NORTH DAKOTA AT THE Eilendah Legion Club Mrs. and Mrs. Sam Bruns and family were Sunday afternoon visi- tors at Gee R. Brtms home. .Miss Cindy Houi of Lidger)d and Wade Buttke were Thanksgiv- ing dinner guests at the Keith Buttke home. Mr. and Mr:. Harry Peteson OA]D.  DA ",ULLERTON by Mrs. A J Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Nelson and boys of Pine Ridge, S- D. spent tb' Tharkivire b,,'idu: '";! , h' PAGE daughter of Minr, eapolis spent the weekA with his mother, Mrs. Farl Nelson. Betty Iy of SatN Rapids, Minn. spent the Ttmnk_sgiing weekend at horr. Mr. and Mrs, t'-phriam Zimbel- m::n. P'ta a:! K:t::5 re:t:':'"d Y:::' giving with her daug'ff, and fam-ing some type of heater, food, ity, Mr. and Mrs. Don Lower and medical supplies and books or her brother Joe Sanders and fain- something to help pass the time. ily at Redfield. Most important is your car Weeke guasts at the tIarryjdon't go any place without a fail B:em hemc were Joan, Karen. tank of gas. Your car should be in PLty Joyce and Dick Goodrich, i perfect running order, especially Ka,,' },erzcg, Diane Olsen of De- engine and tires, so you can keep a:.d family were Timksgiving af- ;ermmn riskers at the Kcith Bv.t- tke home. Mr. and Mrs. Lys3e Co'.eman and i family uere Sunday afternoon visi- tors at Mrs. Bessie Bartl home. Mr. and..Mrs. Glen Thompson and family were Wednesday eve- ning visitors at the Lysle Coleman home. bit.  Mrs. Dale Vosburg were Thanksgiving guests at S. P. I.,a- er lmme. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Vosburg at- tended a wedding a week ago Saturday of her e(msin, Dave La- er to (:lmrlqte  at Fargo. M.rs_ Dean F and Girls were Sur aftern(m visitors at the Cyril Skite lne. Mr. and Mrs. Rick Maddoek and Cot by off Montepetier, Mr. Dermis Fiala of St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. K Meetfi and fafily were Friday night supper  at the Dean Fiata han. TIMES WANT ADS mr,ther, Mrs. A. J )e s,:' ','. v ev,=in; f:"?m Caspar. Wyc., Di:-k qturm: rett:n,'} k,':r-:, (n wh'ere they }:, ',iitcd tbei'.' du- W'dneday after sp::.dh:z : ,, t :_'.7 :' .,l faro!i>, :',h. and Mrs ,Im sc',,eral t(,ek vt 3;i:'a-" fl :;if }> ' '.e?.: J::7 :rJ C':v A:n, ir : t;erde-n Mr. and Mrs. ttaro}d Beeeher and family mov('d Satur4:y to Glennwond. Minn., where he will ae employed. Mrs. Earl Nekson'taiced at rhaaksgiving Dinre:-. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Arndt and. boys of Williston. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Nelson and beys of Pine l Ridge, S. I)ak., Mrs. a. A. Knu.son ' and Mrs. A. J. NeLson. bIr and Mrs Gary Zimb!man of Spearfish, S. Dak. spent the wee end wiA.h his folks, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zimbteman. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hay ari- I ved tmme November 23 from Puerto Rico, where they spent a I week with their daughter and son I in law, Sgt and Mrs. David Cypear land daughter Jenny a Ramey Air t Base. ,Mr. and Mrs. At]an Nelsen and .-:,r tke 2 Z .2c.oi "a::g iia.,...}. The RFD Homemakers Club will meet Thursday agterneon k, eem- her lOLh at 2 o'clock at ihe home , of Mrs Denald Zimbelman. Poll cv, l!: "Hew i dip!ay my Christmas Cards", a lessn by Mrs. Albert Barta will be "Azn's Additive StoW". A Christmas p'ogram ,and exahange of gifts is planned. ,Mrs. t,eon Burroughs is president of the !club. Mr. attd Mrs. Harry Blount en- tertained at "Ianksgiving dirsr guests were Mr. and hrs. Marvin Rathe and boys and Mr. and Ms. HarT3" Hicks and Doug of Carting- ton and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Harmon nc.d family of Adrian. The Union Chureh Orristmas Stoper and Sunday Se..tml. program will be held Dec. 14th at 6:30 at the church basement. Mrs. Waiter Rathe spent Thanks-  !t Lakes. Minn. and Joe Warn- Lack ,:f ?,lahn:men. Mbm. L:,vn i.,tbim:s called at the J'amy B'o::rt home Stmday eve- i:i1152. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ackerman ard family of Westrooat, Ill. and Mr. and Mrs. Grover Hayharst of St. Paul spent the weekerA at the :Allan Glyna home. i STALLED BUT SAFE No matter how careful you are or how good your Inlenl.ions, you are very likely to be out in at least one storm this winter. Be prepared for it ! Your car can be your best friend or your worst enear, so make sure car is wimerized before the storm' season Ixim. Prepare your ear and yourself for emergencies be- fere taking winter trips. Plan to spend a mininma of three days in; the ear stmuld you be stalled in a storm. 2Win means taldng supplies along, including extra wrm cloth- going if a storm strikes. If you do stall, stay with the ear. Don't attenTpt to walk ou of a blizzard. Being lost in open eoumw in a Nizzard is almost certain death. You are sheltered and more likely to be found in your call Peter Breuer, Extensiou agri- cullural engineer, and Jane William son, Etension clo specialist, both at , have prepared a buUelin ertled "Stalled But Sae". This buj_lotin, available at the i Ctnmty Agen's otee,  val- , uabte im"ornti (m prepexing for winter emergencies. 11 i SIWIEK REFRIGERATION Cmmwrelal and d Servk:e I=ullerhm. North Dakota ALL WORK , GUARANTEIg3 i Phu R S-77 As you know, Christmas is something special in America. That's because America is something special. Why not give somebody a small piece of our home for Christmas. A U.S. Savings Bond. It's a gift that'll help keep Christmas future as good and safe as Christmas past. After all, it's the only country we've got. GIVE U.S. SAVINGS BONDS