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December 3, 1970
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THURSDAY, DE~'tgMt31~ 3, 1970 TI~ OAK]~ ~ -~ OAI[]~ ~ DAKOTA land family wee ~y afterrmon ~ner guests at the Ron Christianson Mrs. arid Mrs. Sam Bruns and C r I" e iv~to~ at the Joe ~efsen home. home. family were Sunday afternoon visi- 1 .Mrs. Gyda Vcuiek, Mr. and Mrs. Eva Marie and John GeffTe wastors at Geo R. Bruns home. by C~rg~~ Me,,~il i LesIer Wendt and Ruth Ann, .~bert ThanksgJvin.g weekend guests of .Miss Cindy Honl of Lidger~)d by Mrs. A J Nelson \Ve::dt of Marion were ThanksgivLqg their parer~s. Paul Geitres. and Wade Buttke were Tbanksgiv- ~L- and Mrs. C. V. Kenn~edy vis .... , I Dav ~ests at the Berme ~,euiek Mr and Mrs Jobn Steffen anding dinner guests at the Keith ited .~trs. JUdia Bopp at the Oakes borne fa~-i!y o70akes were di~m~ andButtke home. Mar.or Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Geffre andsupper gusts Sunda:, at the I2cyd Mr. and Mrs. ILarry Pete son Marcia and Kay, MePhail spent family. Tim Harris, Mr. and ~h-s. I~k:r~,.en home. T,, a>.d family were Th:mksgiving af- Thanskgiving vacation with their Art Best were Thanksgiving D~" Mr. ard M~s. E, aane Gemar and~ernoon viskors at the K'_ith B:~t- mother, Mrs. Eumee MePhail and guests at the Terry Harris home. ) family. M:. ar, d Mrs. Kenneth Go- tke home famy. Mrs. Euniee McPbait and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Widmer at- m~r :~d fami'v. Mr. and Mrs. R?,Jr. and M:s. Lys]e Co!eman and Mr. and Mrs J. H. Wilcox were tended Jane Bruns and David Mel- iC. Gemar ~ "Ron. Mr. and uere Sunday afternoon ~isi- ~ving dinner and supper roe wedding Saturday afternoon at i Jim Roneys and Kathy, Dale and tors at Mrs. Bessie Bartl home. guests of Harvey Swansons. the Immanuel Lutheran Church. . Grant Dick of Elliott and Mr. and Mr. and..Mrs. Glen Thompson Virginia Widmer was a Wednes- i Mrs. David Dick of Fargo were and family were Wednesday eve- Thanksgiving Day guests at the ~evisitors at the Lysle Coleman Mrs. Ca.,x~l Eman, Jennifer and day afternoon caller at Crran~ Seh- Stanley Krchrla~y horne. Gre4~ry of Petakm'~a, Calif., came mitz home. a week ago Sunday ~ere guests of Vim-e~ Bruns until Stmday and at- 'rtmnksgiving Day guests of .Max ~ Mr and Mrs. Lester Harris and Mr. ~ Mrs. Dale Vosburg were tended her sister Jane's wedding. Benz~A's were Mr. and Mrs. Ken- 0 Do~, I~'. and Mrs. Bill Harris and Thanksgiving guests at S. P. Laeh- l family, Mr. and Mrs. I.~ie Re- er home. Mr. and Mrs. Brad Urtmdh of St. neth Ber~mn and family of Rosly~n hovsky and T~, Mike were 2"aank- Mr. and Mrs. Dale Vosburg at- I.x~is, Missouri spem 'Dmrsday S. D~., Mr. and Mrs. Dale John- sgiving day guests at the Wayne tended a wedding a week ago Stmday at tile Vincert Bru~ son of Beek~, Minn., Mrs MaNe P, ehovsky home. Saturday of her cousin, Dave Lacfi- home a~t also ~ttended her sister, Bergnmn of Cogswell, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lysle Coleman and, er to Cl~ark)tte ~ at Fargo. Jane's wedding. John Romar and Nancy of Elk R/- family, Mr. and Mrs. Ker~eth [ M.vs. Dean Fiala and Girls were .~ iSt ~ass William BI'tn~ ve~, i~L, Mr. and Mrs. Howard. Bartl and family, Mr. and Mrs. [Sta'ziay afternoon visitors at the of N~ Air Force Base of ~ Best a~ fam~ of O~kes and Mr. Glen ~ and family, Mr. [Cyril Skje~te home. Vegas, Nevada arrived Imme onand Mrs. ~ Sterner of Brutal> and Mrs. Gerald Gramlow and faro- ~ Mr. and Mrs. Rk~ Maddoek and ~y to spe:~ Thanksgiving and ton. attend his sister Jane's wedding, Mrs. I)uWay'ne Dill was Wednes- flY and Mrs. Bessie Ilartl were [Cx:wby of Montepelier, Mr. Dennis He will l~ave Friday to retunr to day afternoon coffee guest at the Thanksgiving Day guests at the[Fiala of St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Neili~ AFB. Max ~ home, Mauriee Hammer home, ~ Meehl and family were ~ving day dimmr guests Mr, and M.vs. Cecil Kenned)' ~ Mr. and Mrs. ~ George Gil~espie I Friday night sul~aer guests at the of A:~ie Wki~. er's were Mr. and [were Saturday evening callers at [and son were Sunday supper guests '[Dean Fiata home. I Base. ]the Lester Harris home. " 'at the Paul Geffre lmme. Mrs. ', ....... --- mer.Mrs" Mr.A~"UStandWktme~'Mrs. FrankHanSsorensonWid" 1] a Mr.weekandagoMrS.sundayLeStersupperHarriSguestswere :Johni guest.Meehl was afternoon coffee II TIMES WANT AIDS WORK" [ Mr. and Mrs. Allan Nelson and andMarieROn,GrayBOb CarlsOn.was Saturday night I at Bill Harris home. ! Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred' Anderson, / caller d Euniee MePhails. Mr and Mrs Marlin Harris and Bob Anderson of Fairrnotmt were | l tr. and .,Mrs. Cecil Kennedy, Mrs famib" were from Wednesday until i Sunday visitors at the ! Marie Gray, Mrs. M,y~e Sommer- Sunday guests of Mr. and ~ ~ Paul Geffre k~'ne. land attended Jame Brtms- David Jack Harris of Blaine, Minn., Mrs. * Bob Thompson was Friday visi- t Melroe wedding at the ~1 Ella MaChlas who had spent two ! tor at the Paul Geffre home. f Lutheran Omrch. weeks visiting their came home Mr. and Mrs. Larry Berget and t M,r. and Mrs. Cecil Kennedy with them on Sunday. girls, Denise Corin, Mel Bruns Mr. and Mrs. Merle Kupitz and were Thanksgiving weekend guests spent Wednesday night and Thanks- giving Day at the Howard Gregor home at ginley. Mr. and Mrs. Ridmrd Sdlnitz and fame, Pete ~ Earl were mt giving guests atthe Marvi~ Sdmd~ home. Mr. and Mrs. Marvi~ ~ and family were SUnday vlskors a~ Orville Ri~w~ld home at Fort M.~. and Mrs. Myra Olderness ....... ~ tamil~ were Sunday at~m~xm callers at tbe Arnie W'~mer hotrm. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mark and Atlem, were Friday overnight guests boys spent the weekend at the Ron Christilmm~,. Mrs. Jennie Nng- quist wer bad wilh them after spead two wee visit g reta- fives. Mr. and Mrs. Merle KupRz and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Eng- quist and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jolm and and Mrs. at the George W. Bruns home. Mrs. Bob Flyrm, Marly Bru~s, Darline ~ of Wiseonsi~ ,#ere wee~eml visitors at the George W. , and V'mcent Brtms borne. They came far Jane Brtms- David Mel- me wedding Saturday atterno . Gharlotte Bruin spent Thank. - ing vae~ at her parenCs home, Jennie Engqu~t were Stmday dire Geo R. Brims. t hnstmas ........ Arnie Widmers, [ Mrs. Nonrmn Gray entertained i the Crete Club at her homeI a wee2ka~ Mo~L~. ! Mr. dMrs. Lock md1 hm-Jiy, Mr. aad Mrs. Charles Mc- I Daniel and Lorraine spent ~ i Mr. and 3Its. Harvey Nelson and boys of Pine Ridge, S- D. spent tb', Thark~ivir~ b,,~Jd:~)-~ 'vi~b. E' mr,t|qer, Mrs. A..l ?(, ~:' Di;.k qtt:rm: re!pn,~! }::r~e (n Wv4~,~day after sp~::.di.,:2 ~, ,,::{ sc','era[ v.eek~ ~:t P ::i-:' Mr. and Mrs. ttarold Bet.'her and family mm'(d Saturday to Glermwotrl, Minn.. where be will i~e employed. Mrs. Earl Nelson er.teriaire~j a! I'ha~ksgiving Dince:-. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Arndt and boys of Williston. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Nelson and bcys of Pine: Ridge, S. Dak., Mrs. J. A. Knutson ! and Mrs. A. J. NeLson. - COMPLETE SELECTION - SCOTCH PINE NORWAY PINE See Them Nex ,/.Week in Oakes at / LI From The World's Top Show Places FEATURING DON'T LET AN ACCIDENT PUT A DENT IN YOUR WALLET. SEE US FOR INSURANCE COVERING CAR DAMAGE AND PERSONAL INJURIES I Wild, Wild Comedy Songs INSURE First National AT THE OAK , NORTH DAKOTA daughter of Minr, eapolis spent the wee'l~w~d with his mother, Mrs. Earl Nelson. Betty Idly of Sat~ Rapids, Minn. spent the Ttmnk_sgi~ing weekend at horr.e. Mr. and Mrs. E.f)i~'iam Zimbel- n=:n. "~",a :i:! ~:: ", re:v:'r'd ~,,'~ ',:.v ore in~ fr::,m Caspar. Wy~:., ,,'here ti~vy }:::: ~i~itcd their d::> ;! 7" ~.,~I 1Turn{ ). :.r~. and 3h, .Ira }':" ' :':