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December 30, 2004     Oakes Times
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December 30, 2004

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Section B -- The Times Leader, Thursday, December 30, 2004 Guelp ews... Rose Sell Ronald C. Smith, Horticulturist, NDSU Extension Service Q: Can you tell me how to start sulfur (calcium sulfate) is inexpen- blown and when I looked at the tiger lilies? A neighbor is going to sive and usually readily available, backside of the leaves with a mag- give me some seeds, but 1 thought It acts as an excellent, over-all saul- nifying glass, I saw many tiny white they were a bulb. When do you plant tizer. Fungicides may help control things. Are these mites? I grow them? (e-mail reference) leaf spot diseases, but will not work many container gardens, and this Church services at the Guelph United Methodist Church every Sunday at 9:30 A.M. Pastor Joe Mania officiating. Everyone wel- come. Help Guelph United Method- ist Church collect beverage tabs for the Ronald McDonald house. A: Tigers are the easiest of lilies to grow. In" fact, some people con- sider them to be too easy! lust sow the seeds (not really) she is giving you where you want them and you should have some showing up next year. They are often considered to be a part of wild flower mixes.i Q: I have several Christmas Cacti. on non-biotic disorders such as air pollution, flooded or compacted soil and dogwood that are planted too deep. Q: I have nearly wild roses ( Rosa floribnunda) that I planted last year. They flowered all of last year and this spring before powdery mildew set in. I got rid of the powdery mil- They flower quite well, producing, dew using a spray, but they have not large blooms.On awhim last year, bloomed since. What.can I do? (e- l decided to try cross-pollinating" mail reference), the flowers by usirig my finger tip A: Be patient. +hey will bloom to transfer pollen from one bloom again for you next year. The mildew to another. Now I have what appear robbed some of the sunlight energy to be ovoid seed pods hanging from from reaching the chloroplasts in the the ends of a few segments. Are leaves. You might also examine the these seeds? How do I plant them? site where they are planted: They (e-mail reference) need at least six hours of direct sun- A: Propagation by seed is an inex- Shine every day during the summer. pensive, but slow, way to introduce Q: I have two rose bushes that unusual and exotic cacti to your col- were planted last summer. This lection. Nurseries, mail order hous- summer, one bloomed nicely while es and specialized cactus societies the other did not. What am I doing usually have cactus seeds available wrong? They are the same type of at a relatively low cost. Seed may rose, only different colors. One also be collected from any cactus nursery said that it has gone wild plant that has flowered by simply on me and will need to be removed. removing the ripe pods. Fully ma- The other nursery said that it has be- ture pods should be cut open and the come lazy with good care and will seeds squashed onto a piece of paper not go to the trouble of producing towel where they can dry at normal flowers. (Tulare, S.D.) room temperature. Rapid drying A: I love it when the nurseries say will reduce the chances of rot. If you your rose has "gone wild" or "got- plan to store the seeds for any length ten lazy." Both are incorrect. What of time, they must be fully air-dried has happened is that the scion wood before being placed in storage. Sow (budwood) somehow died over the the seeds over a pre-dampened peat/ winter and the rootstock that the perlite mix. Cover or mist daily un- cultivar was grafted on has sent up til they germinate. Because it is so new growth. The scion is now dead late in the season, I would suggest and no longer dominanL You will supplemental lighting to get them to notice the difference in the leaves of grow. When they get large enough the two roses, that is used to impart to handle, pot them in an appropri- vigor to the scion. Some people call ate media mix. it "wild," but it is usually the Rosa ariegated dogwoods have been rugosa rootstock that was promoted diseased. Before leaf-out last spring, in the old days as a living hedge. It ! sprayed with a Bordeau mixture. I turned out to be more than that and have also used Daconil. Last year was discontinued, limited to being a you recommended spraying lime root understock. Take the plant out sullur in the spring. What is the and replace it with the desired culti- name of the product? (Carrington, var: Offer ample protection for both N.D.) plants this fall. A: A plethora of diseases bedevil Q: I have a hedge of alpine cur- this species of dogwood, so regular rants that is always lush and beau- vigilance and care are needed. Lime tiful. This year the leaves turned SUMMONS the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA Quarter (NW 1/4 SW 1/4 SW 1/4) of COUNTY OF DICKEY Section Twenty-eight (28) in township IN DISRICT COURT One Hundered Thirty-one (131) North SOUTHEAST JUDICIAL DISTRICT of Range Fifty-nine (59), West of the Amark:luest Mortgage Company, fifth Principal Meridian, described as Plaintiff, follwows: the South One Hundred vs. Kevin B. Moerke and Sara S.Forty-nine (149) feet of the North One Moerke; Dakota Improvement Inc; and Hundred Sixty-nine (169) feet of the any person in possession, Defendants West Two Hundred Twenty-three (223) Civil No. SUMMONS feet, except the West Seventy-five THE STATE OF NORTH (75) feet thereof, Dickey County, North DAKOTATO BE ABOVE NAMED Dakota a/k/a 1016 S 7th St., Oakes, DEFENDANTS: ND 58474. You are hereby summoned to appear The Plaintiff is not seeking a person- and defend against the Complaint in ai judgment against the above-named this action, which has been tiled with Defendants. the Clerk of Court or is herewith served Dated November 30, 2004. upon you, by s~'ving upon the under- MACKOFF KELLOGG LAW FIRM signed a copy of an answer or other Attorneys for Plaintiff proper reeponse within twenty (20) P.O. Box 1097 days after the service of this Summons Dickinson, North Dakota58602-1097 year the petunias all turned yellow. I used good potting soil and fertil- ized regularly. I had a few where the leaves turned almost white. What is this and what can I do about it? Also, many of my zinnias died al- most overnight. One day a plant was fine, but the next day it was brown and dead. Is this Aster Yellows or something else? This was certainly the year of diseases and pests. (e- mail reference) A: Indeed, it will be a non-sum- mer to remember!! I would suggest spraying the hedge with Malathion or Orthene. I don't believe the cur- rants have mites because I've never heard of white mites, but they can't be doing your hedge much good. Next spring, spray with horticul- tural oil while they are still dormant. My best guess is that you are over- watering your petunias, especially if the container isn't free draining. Your zinnias may have white mold fungus, Phytophthora, Verticillium, Pythium or Rhizoctonia. Only a lab can determine for sure. You can try a general purpose fungicide to see if that helps. Q: 1 am concerned about the spread of cottonwoods in our back yard. Until now I kept the shoots down using Brush Begone, but they have extended into our neighbor's yard. The neighbor is concerncd the cottonwoods may undermine the foundation. Some time ago we had the drains drilled and found roots about 120 feet from the house. 1 am concerned about the potential dam- age that might be done outside our property line. (c-mail reference) A: You seem like a good neigh- bor, so wily not offer to help her by spraying tile shoots coming up in her yard? Being vigilant will kccp the plants from getting established and the roots from becoming a prob- lem, if there are any la,'gc poplars tm either i)roperty, you might want to con,alder having them rcmoved by a competent arborist. Leave at the church or with any church member. Word has been received that Jer- ry and Sandy Ritola of Park Rapids Minn., became grandparents for the first time.. Their daughter Melinda and her husband, Joran, adopted a baby boy from South Korea. He arrived September 22rid. His name Zachary and was born Febru- ai'y 7, 2004. He was 7 months old when he arrived to meet his new family. Jerry and Sandy's other twin daughter Michelle and her husband, Bob, became parents to a baby boy, Robby, November 29th. Jerry Ritola's parents the late Os- car Ritola's were residents in the area in the late 20s and early 30s. Sandy Weber, Harrison and Sheyenne of Casselton arrived Wednesday, December 22nd at her parents home, Roland and Karen Waite, for the Christmas Holi- days. Friday, December 17th, June Palensky went to Walhalla and vis- ited with her daughter, Holly and Dale Johnson. After shopping in Winkler, Canada and baking cook- ies, they had a wonderful visit. Very cold up there. June returned home Monday and is st sill trying to thaw out! Claire and Jerry German hosted the Birthday Club Potluck Christ- mas Party on Friday, December 17th. Let's see....there were Rod nd Rose Sell, Sharon Waletzko, Jeanne Thorpe, Gcri Courtney, Linda Hansen, Judy and Mick German, Red and Cathy Iverson, Jane Visto and Dick McCabc. Oh yes! And Rccsc and Joan Mad- dock popped out of the backroom! There wits much screaming & laughter as the evening wore on. All lell with smiles on their faces. I)ean Rccse and friends, Scot and Matt Sagvccn of Bis- inarck inTived Silturdily mtu',fing 100% Cer-t:i icd Organic Seeds Golden Omee, a & brown flax. Amaranth, Soq[',eans. .%nflo,,,c; .Seed.- jnd other Spcc.ia uj Cr"o= s ; " P() Box 139 Ashley, ND 58413 1-866-520-FLAX (3529 are 100''.. Ct, rltr)ed Email: by Intt,rnatwon,~] Cerliftcatlon .~,(,~ i( ('5, In('. at the Roland Waite home for a and Logan Sell, and Ruth Sell. couple days of hunting. Another early Christmas took This writer got a big surprise place at Claire and Jerry's house this last weekend!! Not only did on Sunday as well. Taking part she get a 60th Birthday Party at the in the goodies there were: Lon- Prairie Pothole Saturday night but hie, Linette, Chandler and Ainsley her sister, Joan, and husband ar- Helgerson; Jaime, Lori, Alex and rived from Lompoc, Calif. for the Justin Nelson; Lana and Jason event!! This gala was put together Norton; and Bryan and Lisa Ger- by Rose's husband, Rod and kids, man. Bryan and Lisa were leaving Randy, Renae and Russ with about for Atlanta, Geo. to spend Christ- 60 people in attendance. And, mas with Lisa's parents. since I can, I'd like to use this Wednesday, December 22rid, venue to say a few things about Martha Dory had breakfast at my family and friends. First of all, Cline's cafe with her granddaugh- I'm overwhelmed by the warmth ter, Mary Schulz, for early Christ- and caring of everyone who took mas and gift exchange. Later she the time to not only attend, but to joined the following for noon din- contribute to the album that Renae her at the Senior Center, Dorothy put together via pictures and sto- Lindseth, Hazel Hewitt, Lloyd and ries/comments. Secondly, I am Marie Hansen and Gordon Wet- truly blessed to be living where I zel. do where people really care about The Thorpe's celebrated Satur- one another! It just doesn't get any day night with a supper to include better! I could go on and on but the Waletzko's. Harvey and Sha- you get the point! THERE, I'M ron brought Esther out from the DONE! Center. Other relatives partak- Sunday, an early Christmas was ing were: AnnaMae, Kurt, Geri, in order at the Sell house. Since and Kahri Courtney, Mick, Judy, Randy and Anna were leaving Ethan, nd Hunter German, Ross, Tuesday morning for Casper, Wyo. Dana, Erica, and Robert Thorpe. for Christmas with the Kaup's, they Harvey and Sharon left the first opened some gifts at Rod and Thorpe Ranch for their home in Rose's house after brunch. Those NYC on Tuesday, the 21st, from gathering for this occasion were: Minneapolis. Enroute the stopped Steve, Renae, Abby and Angelique to see the Brian Bymers family in Lindgren, Russ, Kristy and Noah Alexandria and were introduced to Sell, Joan and Reese Maddock, their newestdaughter, Logan. Randy, Anna, Makenzie, Kaleb, Attention The North Dakota Oil Seed Council electtion for Dickey County will take place on Wednesday. January 12, 2005, at 12:45 p.m. in the Fireside Steakhouse & Lounge, Ellendale, ND Any,me who grows sunflowers in eligible and encouraged to vote For more information: Contact the North Dakoa Oilseed Council (70 l) 328-5107 1220 AM Oakes, ND DAKOTA COUNTRY RADIO Saturdays at 8:10 am I I NORTH DAKOTA Call in for Great Deals WHEAT COMMISSION ELECTION from Area Merchants! An election to elect a Dickey County 701-742-2187 1-877-942-2187 representative to the North Dakota Wheat Commission upon you, exclusive of the day of oar- Tel: (701) 227-11M1 will take place Wednesday, January 12, 2005, a ,,,. ,, ,, . ,. ,.. ,,. vice. If you fail to do so, judgment by ND BAR D.05186 at 12:45 p.m., at the default will be taken against you for By: Sandra K. Kuntz. Attorney the relief demanded in the Complaint. THIS ISAN ATTEMPT TO COLLECTFireside Steakhouse & Lounge, Ellendale, ND. Theorlginel Complaint is filed with the THE REFERENCED DEBT AND ANY CierkoftheDistdct Coourttnthe County, INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BEEach person who is abona fide resident ofthe county, has farming opera- NEED THE GUIDANCE OF A in which this action is commenced. USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. THIS tions in the county, and has been actually engaged in the production of This action miet to the logo- COMMUNICATION IS FROM A DEBTwheat and has drived a substantial portion of income therefrom for the FINANCIAl, PROFF, SSIONAI,. of a moagage upon fo ing COLLECTOR. But us will sooner or later. F mai property in the County of (December 80, 2004 & last five years, if present in person, shall be entitled to vote. For more in- Dickey, State of North Dakota. Januay 6, 13, 20, 2005) formation, contact the North Dakota Wheat Commission (70 !) 328-51 ! I. F